How to Get Married in New York {part 3}

Friday, August 22, 2014

Here it is- the last New York post. Thanks for bearing with me on this. I know it's wayyyyy too many photos, but we had such a great time, and this was really the first time Peter and I really got to know our camera, so I really wanted to share. Feel free to provide critiques/feedback, especially on the imagery- this photography thing is brand new to us, so anything we can improve we want to know about....

After your brunch {which includes champagne and cookies on the house as well as your waitress running two blocks just to catch up and return your card to you,}you might think you want to go to Central Park to take romantic photos. However, if you are an individual for whom sleep is important, do that instead. Trust me.

Now it's time to regroup- and continue the New York journey through gastronomic delights- back into Manhattan for drinks with your friends at Turks and Frogs in the West Village.

Next up, follow your fearless foodie leader through the streets of the village, into the super-top-secret restaurant, Hudson Clearwater.

It's such a cool concept- a secret restaurant you can only find if you know the name- it's not marked by signs or even tables on the street- everything is nestled inside a courtyard, so you'd walk right past it if you didn't know it was there.

Once you're inside, you quickly realize what a special little place it is. Crowded and bustling with waiters shooting off specials like a boss, clanking pots and pans from the open kitchen, and lively conversation from literally every table, the dimly lit, simply dressed room is open and inviting. It felt like some kind of cross between a cozy tavern and an open garden. Truly a cool little spot.

And now it's time to enjoy some good food and drink with the people who have come so far and done so much to celebrate with you.

The men being....manly?

That, my friends, is duck roasted with seasonal vegetables- a farm to table affair. and yes, it's every bit as divine as it looks!

Last stop for the night is at Fat Cat- a bar that combines a grimey dive environment with live music, ping pong, board games and draft beer. Or in other words, everything that is good in life.

at this point in the evening, you will be too drunk to take cute photos. Just go with it.
A for effort...??

Don't worry, you'll recover quite nicely the next day with mimosas and loaded grits. Toast to a successful elopement and to a church wedding {the more important one} to be just as successful.

New York, you're a classic. Thanks for having us!

Oh, and thanks for bearing with me, benevolent reader folk. Hope you enjoyed :)


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