We're on Each Other's Team

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today I take The Big Test, and I could not go into this exam confidently without having a handful of wonderful people in my corner.

Thank you to my Father, who shelled out a hefty chunk so I could afford the study videos I've been using the past three weeks

Thank you to my friends and cousins- the ones who have texted and called me and cheered me on, the roommate who sent me this framed A.A. Milne quote that I've had on my desk day in and day out

To the cousin who drove me to the airport, then got my car serviced while I was away
Perhaps it seems small but to me it was a huge gesture.

To the friends awaiting me at the end of my exam in New York-
my brother, who told me he'd never not come see us,
my sweet cousin, my wild and wonderful college sisters,
to celebrate our upcoming nuptials
and give me something to work towards and to be excited about after my exam

And to my husband to be,
my partner in crime,
my personal chef ;-)

who has cleaned up after me,
cared for me,
cooked for me,
encouraged me every step of the way,
my person,
my rock,
my right hand man,

Thank you love.
Thank you loves.

I an so, so very blessed to have each of these beautiful humans in my life and on my team. 

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