Music Monday

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's Holy Week,
So the only music blasting in my car these days is hymns from Mount Athos.
I figured this post should follow suit, though I found some great gems last week :)
This is a very somber time in the Orthodox Church,
And the music really fits that mood
It gives me chills to think how ancient the Bridegroom services are
I wonder who was in church this time of year a century ago,
a thousand years ago or more,
Sending up their prayers to God and thanking him for his great mercy.

I hope your week is calm and peaceful,
And filled with the light of Christ.

P.S. if you're Orthodox and looking for something else to listen to in your car this week besides silence,
(or maybe just curious about Orthodox Christianity,)
Ancient Faith radio has an iPhone app! Check it out for great lectures and talks.

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