The Perks of Delaware

Friday, December 20, 2013

When Peter first told me that he had an interview for a job in Delaware
I was not quite sure what part of Canada he was referring to.
That's a gross exaggeration.
My geography is not THAT bad.
{it's pretty close, though.}

I was conservatively excited for him,
seeing as I know nothing about the state.
This trip definitely made me a convert.
Delaware has some great culture to offer
If not in its own borders than in the very closely neighboring states
{Peter literally runs through Maryland on his weekly route}

The Brandywine Museum is one example.
OK, it's in Pennsylvania,
but it's 30 minutes from the border,
so in my mind, that counts.
They have an excellent collection of Wyeth family paintings,
{Andrew Wyeth and family, best known for Christina's World.}
since they are from the area,
and a decent collection of other artists as well.
I loved this still life of antlers and a rifle and hunting coat:
 This one definitely reminded me of the film UP.

 I thought this was a cool photo. And despite my face, I really did have a great time.
The problem is, half of what the Brandywine Museum has to offer is outside of the museum itself,
Including the Wyeth Studio and a beautiful garden.
So I'm looking forward to going back when it's a bit, eh...warmer outside.
I know, I know.
Spoken like a true Florida wimp Girl.

Peter showed me around his lab a bit during the week too.
I always said I could never be with a man with a 'typical' job,
whatever that meant to my young impressionable teenage girl brain.
Safe to say that I got what I wished for :)
We also spent a lot of time cooking

This man.
He makes me laugh.

And of course, eating.
 Shout out to Ali Baba for the most amazing salmon and heart-shaped falafel!


One of our last stops on the trip was to Longwood Gardens.
{Also apparently in Pennsylvania. Whoops.}
We did a quick tour outside,

And to be honest
I was pretty disappointed..
There just wasn't much growing or flourishing in the cold weather.

Until we came to the greenhouses.
From the moment we stepped inside,
I was sold.
These greenhouses are gorgeous enough to rival those in Kew Gardens,
and that is saying quite a lot.

My favorite part was actually the bathroom.
No, really,
It was flanked by these huge green walls of ivy and ferns.
Simply stunning.
 So obviously we had to take photos...

and I have a very awkward  duck-like posture

We learned a lot about
each other on this trip.
For example,
Peter loves hydrangeas..

It was such an incredible place.
And yes,
I know it's in Pennsylvania.
NOT Delaware.
But I still think it counts.
three cheers for the thievery of boyfriend's hats and gloves!

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