The Cooking Saint

Thursday, September 12, 2013

When Peter was chrismated,
he did not choose a new Christian name.
He thought about it,
but he {and I} both love the apostle Peter
{doesn't he seem more human than the rest of them, somehow?}
so he decided against a new Christian name.

But if I had to pick one for him,
I'd go with Euphrosynos, the cook,
for pretty obvious reasons :)

Saint Euphrosynos was something of a Byzantine Jamie Oliver
{or Gordon Ramsay? 
Is it obvious yet that I know nothing about chefs or cooking?}
He was widely 
known not only for his excellent preparation of the most mouth-watering and  scrumptious meals
but also for his generosity,
as he gave all he could of his large cook's salary as alms.
Later on, when he left his position as top chef Constantinope
{that's only 30% joke}
he entered the monastic life, again as a chef,
but this time preparing much simpler, blander meals.
After all, 
while food is needed to nourish our bodies,
gluttony is not exactly smiled upon.

Our Pascha meal- TOAD IN THE HOLE- plus some freshly baked bread
So Peter is GOOD at cooking. 
We're talking any kind of dish from Cretan to Croatian,
delicious vegetables and herbs
{these days fresh from his own little garden}, 
and {of course} tons of hearty Olive oil.
What's more, 
He legitimately enjoys cooking.
Yea, I've got it made :)

Needless to say, Euphrosynos would have been a pretty good 'Christian name' for him
{although let's be real:
no one- myself included-would be able to pronounce it}

P.S. Here's some of my favorite recipes (plus a few I haven't tried)
I've also got one for food for fasting days/periods.

P.P.S. I promise you guys I have interests other than gushing about my boyfriend.
It's just that these days, 
all I do is study and talk to him and my folks and roommates.
So the other option is blog posts on when to surgically intervene on carotid artery stenosis.
does that sound fun? 
{I'll answer that question for you. It's not.}

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