Caught in the Briars at Boston Public Library

Friday, July 19, 2013

I was on my way to the library today
to get some hardcore reading done 
when this lovely song popped up on NPR
apparently some genius decided to record Sam Beam performing in the Boston Public Library,
and came up with this gorgeous video

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Beam at a show back in Tallahassee
He was such a lovely fellow,
I asked him if he'd be playing any songs off of In the Reins 
and he offered  a coy "we'll see"
before snapping a photo with my friends and I and heading backstage.

Well, wouldn't ya know it,
towards the end of the night, 
He said,
"this song is for my friends in the parking lot."
And played a history of lovers.
I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Fortunately, I had not,
or else I'd have missed some really great new stuff from him. 
Including this interview with Sam in Boston.

He is a wonderful guy.
Case closed.

A few other things I'm loving from this past week:
1. I browsed these images of picket fences with my Mom a couple weeks ago. We actually ended up booking our own little cottage in Delaware for Peter's chrismation! See, Pinterest really does serve a purpose!
2. Take this quiz, then let me know how you did! (I got a hundred, of course. nerd alert.)
3. Peter showed me this. Haven't laughed like that in ages.
5. Peter always raves about Pizza Express in London, but after reading this post, I kind of want to check out Homeslice too :) Has anyone out there been?
6. Peter loved the original version of this film. I was not sold. But since he's the main reason I write on here, I give you the Spike Lee remake of Oldboy's trailer
7. Is sugar really toxic? Personally, I think we should just take everything in moderation, no? That being said, if you're gonna remove anything from your diet, sugar is probably the best thing to cut out!

Happy Weekend Peter (and friends. possibly.)

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