On Humility

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Not entirely related to this post. But close enough.

Man, as long as he lives, must always struggle spiritually. And the first battle to overcome is his ego.The first and foremost enemy isn't the devil, no; it's his own self. And that's because he doesn't listen to what other people say; he listens to what his thoughts tell him. Even though we have so many holy fathers to emulate, reading their correspondence, our ego controls us many times. When man gains victory over himself and his desires, then he becomes the greatest of the great-martyrs and a trophy-bearer and winner in the eyes of God

This is a concept that I definitely need to be reminded of on the reg.
My Dad sent this one to me via email
(subtle message received and processed, thanks)
I've asked him the source 
and as soon as I find it
I will post it here for you guys , Peter
To be fair, it is a concept that is entirely contrary to modern thinking 
So it's not entirely my fault (; 
Ok, it probably is. 
But humility is definitely something I am not so good at. 

Have a lovely Thursday

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