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Saturday, April 6, 2013

A month or so ago, I attended an amazing talk by this amazing physician, a family doc in Alabama who sketches his patients and shares their stories through his own writing. He's fascinating and a wonderful speaker and you should definitely look up his books- but I digress. 

He started the talk by asking how many of us liked art;
being the tolken liberal arts student in my med school class,
of course I had to raise my hand.
He then called me out of the crowd and asked me what was my favorite museum?

To be fair, I am terrible on the spot
(can't wait for rounding in the hospital- I'm gonna get obliterated.)
So I did  what any idiot-who-should-not-raise-their-hand-in-a-large-lecture-hall-ever would do:

I shrugged and turned beet red. 

And of course, mere moments later I realized without question 
that my favorite museum is the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens
and then I felt a little like this:

Ah, such is life.

But the museum- 
if you ever find your self in Athens, 
(not the one in Georgia, 
the REAL one.
in Greece.)
do yourself a favor- 
walk a ways up from Syntagma Square
along Vassilisis Sofias Avenue
And check it out.

I went with my brother while I was living there in 2010
and trust me-
it will not disappoint. 
But I might as well let the images speak for themselves:

Brostakis number 1 at the museum entrance

Early Christian Artifacts such as censors, crosses and seals

As you can see, the icon collection is both fascinating and beautiful- 
this is just a fraction of what we saw

one of my favorites

Luke and Saint Luke! to an icon of *cough* the best Saint ever *cough* Saint George.

The trinity visiting Abraham

Stefana fit for a king and queen (and let's be real, they probably were.)

 And to close, an icon of Saint Marina beating the tar out of a demon/devil beast.

So there you have it. 
My first post on things I recommend doing in Greece. 
No idea what I am doing with this blog,
but recapping on some of my adventures,
in Europe and elsewhere,
just might become a thing :)

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