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Barcelona via iPhone

Monday, September 21, 2015

These are the last photos I will inundate you guys with- promise!

A few more from St Joseph's Market in Barcelona

I just loved all the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona

 Sagrada Familia...you really just have to see it for yourself. Photos cannot do this place justice.

These two photos show the details of the trencandis art technique used by Gaudi. You essentially break the tiles into smaller pieces, then reconfigure them in a mosaic-form to fit the curvature of the surface.

 There were quite a few apartments showing the Catalonian colors while we were there.

And....that's a wrap! Special thanks to my husband for agreeing to this crazy plan of mine to road trip through Spain. He's kind of the best :) Next up I'll try to finally add some photos of Crete and Santorini!


  1. Love the pictures! Really gorgeous! Can't wait to see Spain for ourselves. :)

  2. Found your blog through Cup Of Jo!

    Love these pictures of Spain. This country is top on my list of places to travel soon, and I've dreamed of seeing that Gaudi architecture ever since I took a class freshman year of college. So amazing.


    1. Thanks Emily! I am a big fan too...I love how whimsical it was. It felt like standing in the center of a favorite painting or piece. Very cool.

  3. That market has fresh food and looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing


    1. thanks for checking out my photos, John :) the food there was AMAZING.