Friday, November 20, 2015

Share Love

There's a lot of sadness out in the world right now. Here's something beautiful in the midst of tragedy. Love and prayers to everyone.

Photo of Sol Duc Falls trail taken by my husband, Peter

Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Mornings

I don't think anyone who has known me would ever dare to describe me as a morning person. For some reason, even after a good night's sleep I've never found myself thrilled to be forced out of my warm bed. Luckily, music has a huge influence on my mood, and while living in Greece I found a mix of twee, indie pop (and of course, Fleetwood Mac,) could get me up and out of bed for the day. If you're also the kind that has a hard time not swearing when your alarm goes off, here it is:

καλή μέρα mix (good morning mix) from ATLGeorgia on 8tracks Radio.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Soul Shine and Silence

(Unrelated photos of Plateau Point in the Grand Canyon, from summer 2012 roadtrip.)

Sorry about the radio-silence. Sometimes I think just get into a groove of waking up, going to work, coming home, shower, sleep, then start all over again. Things are fine, but the most exciting event of my week is using up out gift cards at Bed, Bath and Beyond (not exactly a groundbreaking life moment.) The chilly wet of November has set in and Peter and I have hit a routine revolving lots of hot tea and popcorn shared under warm blankets with a few netflix shows. I'm also prepping for my third USMLE exam, which means even less excitement this month. Oh well. We'll still try to keep the soul shine going.

On the bright side my sister will be joining us in London for Christmas and I'm currently trying to plot a 1 or 2 day trip out of London for us :) any advice, anyone? I've done Oxford and Cambridge both plenty of times, but they're both so lovely, I wouldn't be adverse to doing either city all over again.

The other big non-development that's been going on behind the scenes is that Peter and I spoke seriously about going to Lesvos to help incoming refugees coming off of the boats from Turkey. For a number of reasons, we decided not to move forward with our plans, but there is still a huge need for many winter items for families on the journey into Europe. Check out this site to find out what is needed and how to get it over there.

That's all from me for now. OH! Except for this: GET YOUR FLU SHOTS PEOPLE :)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Just popping in...

How's everybody doing? It's been a busy 3 weeks here (hence the radio silence) but I've now got a full two days off!! And my parents will be here!! So I am pretty pumped about that. I got my old iPod from Florida and I've been breaking back into my massive RHCP archives. I never loved this song, but for some reason, the moodiness and pessimism in it. Not that I'm feeling totally down depressed or hopeless, but I have been pretty disappointed in the happenings in the world around me. I feel sort of helpless when I hear about the things going on around me, because I feel in no position to help at the moment, since I'm barely out of medical school. Here's a few things I have been getting into lately (when I'm not working or sleeping.)

Humans of New York really hit it home these past few weeks with its stories about the Syrians migrating into Europe and the incredible lengths they've taken to get here. Some -make that all- of them are heart-wrenching.

Lent is coming up (again! this year is flying by...) and this tofu tutorial from ABM is gonna be clutch. I've never made tofu before but maybe it's time to try. Any good recipes to recommend?

They say Neil Young is the Granddaddy of Grunge.... maybe that's why this Nirvana song sounds so much like it could be one of his?

I have always had a hard time shopping ethically. It's really something I want to do better with this year. My solution had initially been to avoid buying clothes as much as possible but that hasn't worked well going into winter in a much colder climate- I need a coat! So I was completely inspired and relieved to find Cara Bartlett's feed, Bienfaire, specializes in US-made and ethically sourced clothing that looks really good. Totally impressed.

And last, but certainly not least- funny and cute all in one
:) Have a great weekend. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Barcelona via iPhone

These are the last photos I will inundate you guys with- promise!

A few more from St Joseph's Market in Barcelona

I just loved all the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona

 Sagrada really just have to see it for yourself. Photos cannot do this place justice.

These two photos show the details of the trencandis art technique used by Gaudi. You essentially break the tiles into smaller pieces, then reconfigure them in a mosaic-form to fit the curvature of the surface.

 There were quite a few apartments showing the Catalonian colors while we were there.

And....that's a wrap! Special thanks to my husband for agreeing to this crazy plan of mine to road trip through Spain. He's kind of the best :) Next up I'll try to finally add some photos of Crete and Santorini!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spain: Logroño

Storytime: My sister, in her infinite brilliance and incredible work ethic, graduated a year early. She's been accepted into medical school and has a year before she starts, so she applied and was accepted for a teaching position in Northern Spain for the year. My work vacation time coincided pretty well with her move, so our last days were spent exploring her new home, Logroño, with her...

 Logroño is best known for being the heart of La Rioja, a region famous for wine. It's got some of the best tapas, often called pinchas in this area, in the North of Spain (can you tell this trip was a good one for food?) If we had more time I would definitely have tried to do a wine tour, but unfortunately it wasn't in the cards for us. I'm sure we'll be back at some point though- while we knew very little about the city, it really blew us away- beautiful streets, picturesque churches, great food and free admission at the Museo de la Rioja were just a few great things about this place (besides exploring it with my Spanish-fluent sister, which was kind of the icing to a very delicious cake :-p)

 I loved seeing mountains at the end of the streets. Side note: Logroño is a stop off for pilgrims trekking the Camino de Santiago, a religious walk! How cool is that?! When we first arrive (literally, as soon as we got out of the car) we were approached by some backpackers asking directions and had no idea what was going on, haha! We later got used to seeing many of them across town.

Spain: Ullastret

Our last day in Barcelona we both felt like we wanted to go at a bit slower pace and get some fresh air, so we made the hour and a half drive out to Ullastret, Spain after our visit to Park Laberint d'Horta. It was so picturesque, charming and perfect- and a great place to play with the camera settings some more ;) I'm particularly proud of the photo of the dying bougainvillaes. Bougainvillas are awesome- I think because they are common both in Greece and Florida they always remind me of home. We had big plans to check out the squid ink and cuttlefish rice at El Fort, but they're unfortunately closed for renovations. Instead we went back to Barcelona and had what we both agreed was the best Paella ever at Cheriff (ok, not sure if black rice is technically considered paella. minor detail) in Barcelona. So here's a photo to give you an idea of how black the rice really gets!

Ullastret was gorgeous and definitely worth a visit. It's maybe an hour and a half Northeast of Barcelona and the drive is very scenic, without much traffic. Just a note on roadtrips in Spain: they're fun because there's not but traffic but between the price of an automatic car, gas and tolls (these were surprisingly steep) they do get pricey. I think the tolls were the biggest shocker for us. Luckily high tolls also mean the roads are very good, and they were never super busy the short time we were there, although Barcelona at Rush Hour can get bad. Just a couple of hints for Mom and Dad when (and if) they decide to visit my sister- she'll be in Spain the whole year! More on that next time ;)