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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Today at the supermarket the cashier pleasantly chirped "Happy Easter!" to me as I gathered my things, to which I so politely responded: 

before realizing it is EASTER SUNDAY for all you non-Orthodox people out there (read: pretty much everyone.) Happy Easter guys!!

Alas, I did not go to church today, 
as I desperately need every hour of my life to memorize the various types of leukemias 
(there are lots of them.
chronic and acute,
myelogenous and lymphoblastic,
preceded by dysplasia or not preceded by dysplasia.
Basically leukemias suck in more ways than one.) 

But Peter did! 
What a lovely lad, no? 
I mean, this guy's got the whole kit and caboodle:
big blue eyes
heaps of energy 
(seriously, I think there's hyper-yellow-lab somewhere in his lineage)
British accent 
AND churchgoer. 
I'm a lucky lady. 

Peter didn't go to just any church, either-
he went to this beautiful place-
Holy Cross Monastery in East Setauket, New York
This monastery was badly affected by Sandy last fall
and in need of donations in order to continue with ongoing repairs 
{Please consider making a donation to them via check or paypal
by clicking through to the website.}
Also, I will give a dollar to anyone who can pronounce the word 'setauket' correctly. 
yep, that's a lot of snow.

Since there are many Sundays in which I must miss church for studying purposes,
I did a little googling and found this gem.
It's a goarch.org webpage with a list of parishes that livestream their liturgies
{and selected other services, too!}
on their websites, free of charge with no new files or installments necessary 
{I have tried watching my home parish of St. Mark's this way,
but their website requires a special download. 
and sometimes doesn't work. boo} 

It was great! 
I got to see my old priest's new church 
{Father Paul Pappas- what a nice guy} 
and also hear the priest repeatedly tell little kids to open wider
so as not to spill communion
or stand a little taller 
so he could reach them more easily
which was quite entertaining. 

Happy Easter to all non-Orthodox Christians out there; 
and a blessed Sunday to everyone else. 

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