Hello, I'm in Burlington

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hey guys! I'm currently sitting at the airport in Vermont, drinking cider and trying to decide if I sleep through my 7 hour layover starting at midnight or just go nuts and do something crazy! It was a fun trip and clearly an awesome program. I stayed at an Airbnb which was wonderful and half the price of the Hilton. Only problem was when the pipe burst and all the water and heat got shut off...that's how I ended up at the hospital bathrooms at 7 in the morning washing my face and brushing my teeth...awkward...

Anyways, found this song on Cider (I like cider, haha) with Rosie and it's great but I can't post it properly from my iPhone so here's a link- check it out!


Anybody do anything cool this weekend? See any good bands play? Discover some new music or a new really cool place right next door that you didn't know about? Please share!

All the best, 

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