About Me

So I guess it's about time that I make a real 'about me' page (in particular because I don't understand computer coding and can't figure out how to just make a little blurb on the sidebar, which would have sufficed. Oh well.)

So here goes: I'm a thirty something resident doctor. I love music, it keeps me going; I also read and draw and take (crappy, but working on it) photographs and do other artsy stuff that doesn't quite fit into my day job.

When I started this blog my person and I were also long distance from Greece to Florida. At the time it was a nice way to document our times together, so there's a few mushy bits here and there (and a few wedding posts as well!) The bottom line is this: I mostly blog for fun and don't take this stuff to seriously. I just enjoy having a creative outlet and (hopefully) sharing some positivity with whoever's interested. That's Meraki and Agape, I guess. At any rate, I hope you enjoy! 

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